Department of Textile and Fashion Design


Hello to all,

Fashion, ready to wear, and the textile sector are regaining vitality. In this context, companies are eager to work with young designers who are experienced in producing contemporary designs and who are also capable of expressing their projects and ideas with creative design solutions. Izmir University of Economics Textile and Fashion Design Department, aim to educate graduates who propose designs for related markets with accurate brand strategies, and communication propositions. Likewise, they will be familiar with developing marketing and management strategies and also have the capacity to create international fashion brands.

Our department, since its foundation in 2001, presents a highly comprehensive education system on an international scale. We consider the changing environmental conditions and social preferences within the fashion and textile sector with an innovative approach. Within the frame of this education, our students, after receiving a two-year core education, starting from their third year have the opportunity to specialize in Fashion Design or Fashion Business. The students also have the opportunity of choosing elective courses from other departments and faculties in addition to the diverse range of elective courses related with their own subject areas.
Our students, with the seminars that are organized each week, have the opportunity to meet with professionals who are successful in their individual sectors. By regularly participating in national and international fairs and exhibitions they gain exposure within the sector even though they are still in education. We are waiting for you to join us to share this experience. 

Prof. Elvan Özkavruk Adanır
Head of Textile and Fashion Design Department