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The Textile and Fashion Design Department, which began teaching in 2001, intends to train the personnel profile needed by the Turkish Textile and Fashion Industry in its international context. Accordingly, the department aims to nurture fashion designers who can realize the process of design through design ideas, market research, trend analysis, creative product analysis, contemporary pattern and sewing techniques, and presentation methods. It aims to develop fashion managers who can market these products with the correct brand identity and target market, and who can develop marketing and management strategies overseeing the finance, distribution, marketing, sales and communication of this process.

The Textile and Fashion Design department emphasizes the Fashion Design and Fashion Management specialty areas. The department gives the necessary technical, cultural and creative skills for a successful fashion project in the first and second years of its education program. From the third year on, it applies separate training programs focusing on either Fashion Design or Fashion Management fields.

Both the Fashion Design and the Fashion Management options offer elective courses, which offer students various fields of interest and topics which may be related to their talents and their career goals. The interdisciplinary focus of the faculty’s curriculum, the intercultural dialogue provided by Turkish and foreign staff and the opportunity of to realise practical projects in the studios and workshops help students build their own identity. This technical and theoretical education ensures a professional future for the graduate student.

The Fashion Design specialty program aims to nurture an employee profile suitable for the garment production and ready-to-wear industry, to conduct research in these areas, and aims to provide university-industry cooperation projects. The education system is established on providing students with internship opportunities which will offer students experience in creating international original brands built on marketable designs. The students trained on this program can benefit from career opportunities as concept designers, product designers, product experts, fashion coordinators, process experts or trend researchers. In addition, they may work as free-lance designers by establishing their own workshops or design offices.

The Fashion Business / Management Specialty Program intend to train professionals for marketing, managing and administrating international brands created within the garment and ready-to-wear sector. The textile and apparel industry is becoming more important as an investment opportunity for Turkey’s, and requires qualified employees for the departments of production, marketing and communication. Izmir University of Economics breaks new ground in these fields by describing job profiles and providing such professionals to the apparel and ready-to-wear industry.

The Textile and Fashion Design Department has aimed to develop fashion professionals and potential fashion brand owners in both the Fashion Design and Fashion Management specialty areas since 2001. It aims to train the students to become professionals to expand the Turkish fashion, textile and ready-to-wear sector’s share in the international market. Consequently, our department is in close relation with the fashion and textile sector by offering courses, internship, and conducting projects. Within the context of the Applied Workshop and Seminar course different executives and professionals from the sector are invited each week to engage with the students. Our students gain experience about contemporary and dynamic business which is under the continuous influence of social, cultural, economical, technological, ethical and legal circumstances.

Pioneers in the industry such as; Sun Tekstil, Uniteks and Rotex are among our collaborators contributing to our department in-term projects and graduation projects, bridging students and the industry.

Bora Aksu, Özlem Süer, Vural Gökçaylı, Günseli Türkay, Başak Gürsoy, Arzu Kaprol, İdil Tarzi, Hatice Gökçe, Simay Bülbül, Gönül Paksoy, Sabiha Tansuğ, Erkmen Savaşkan, Esin Yılmaz, Zuhal Yorgancıoğlu, Eray Makal, Barbaros Şansal, Müjde Bilgütay, Sezai Kaya, Nedim Örün, Emre Kızılgüneşler, Jak Galiko, Virva Launo, Erika de Greef, Nil Sakman, Ceylan Atınç, Alexandre Vassiliev are some of the important names who conducted workshops and seminars at our school.

Another goal of our University is to provide a second foreign language for students. All undergraduate students must select a second foreign language. Accordingly, Izmir University of Economics School of Foreign Languages conducts language education in French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Turkish.

Erasmus is an exchange program open for participation of higher-education institutions of EU Countries and candidate countries. This program aims to increase higher education quality. The Erasmus program, by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, by providing a reciprocal exchange in Europe and participating countries for students and educators, and by contributing to the development of academic recognition of degrees and transparency, is working on achieving the stated objectives.
In order that its students are included in the universal exchange of information, Izmir University of Economics, is in close relation with foreign universities. Student and faculty exchange, joint research and academic cooperation with the European universities, has created diverse opportunities. 

In Textile and Fashion Design Department there is a minor program application. The Minor Program, is a certificate program that consists of courses which are followed in order to be informed about another subject area by taking limited numbers of courses from another department. The students, who are successful in their individual department, may receive a certificate in another field on completion of the Minor Program. The application period for the Minor Program commences are earliest in the beginning of the third semester and at latest in the beginning of the sixth semester. The application dates are announced each academic year. The students who are accepted for the Minor Program are determined by the Governing Council of the related faculties.
The conditions required for the program:
·         Completing and passing all compulsory courses in their own major program.
·         Attaining at least a 2,50 Grade Point Average (GPA) over 4.00
·         To be within the allocated contingent for Minor Program according to success ranking.

The graduate students of the Fashion Design Expertise Area can create their own brand or can work as a designer in the design and product development departments in the ready to wear and garment production sectors. Also they can offer freelance design and consulting services for companies.  Product management, design management, fashion consultancy, trend research, and forecasting are other specialization areas beside collection preparation.  The graduate students of the Fashion Business Expertise Area can find employment in marketing management, brand management, public relations, purchasing, finance, merchandising and communication areas in the sector.

Graduate students from the department are working as fashion designers, brand managers, merchandisers, customer representatives, brand strategist and fashion editors in the most prestigious companies in a sector at both a national and an international level.

Since its foundation, our department has organized fashion shows for our senior students in collaboration with professional agencies.  You can access information about these fashion shows on our website at https://mt.ieu.edu.tr/tr/mezuniyet-defileleri.
Beside these organizations, together with our students, we are actively working on a variety of prestigious projects, exhibitions, and fashion photo-shootings on a national and international level.
Also, our students attend various fashion festivals and fairs such as IF Wedding, Izmir Fashion Design Troupe and Millfest fashion festival.

Pınar Kaplankıran is one of our first graduates. Having graduated from the Fashion Business Expertise Area, she took a step into a professional career with the Fashion Designers Association. Kaplankıran, who  played an active role in several organizations such as Istanbul Fashion Week, continued her career working with Hakan Yıldırım. Currently, she is working as the brand manager of an online shopping website called 1v1y.

Cem Güner graduated from the Fashion Design Department of Izmir University of Economics, Fine Art and Design Faculty, in 2006. Güner grabbed the attention of the sector with his denim menswear collection which he prepared before graduating. He worked as a manager and brand consultant in several textile companies in Istanbul. Now, he works in a prestigious import company that works with denim.

Melis Karapança graduated from the Fashion Business Expertise Area in 2008, and attended a master program at Domus Academy in Milan. Subsequently, she worked in the design department of the Spazio brand. Now Karapança, is working on academic coordination at Istanbul Fashion Academy.

Sena Serra Kefeli is one of our first graduates. After her graduation in 2005, she completed a master’s degree in the area of Fashion Communication and Styling at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). Kefeli has now established her own brand, Kith & Kin.

Merve Eron & Gizem Alanköy, graduated from the Fashion Design Department in 2009. They achieved success by creating their own brand on completion of their graduation collection in June of 2009. Following research made about Aegean Culture they created their own fabric called “feni”. Their boutique “Eronalanköy” helped them gain recognition in the sector and was placed in the “Top Ten Turkish Boutiques” by a national newspaper.

Başak Cankeş, before graduating from the Fashion Design Department, took the attention of world famous designer Bora Aksu during a workshop. After her graduation, she worked with Bora Aksu in England. On returning  to Turkey, she continued her career with well-known designers such as Günseli Türkay. Currently, Cankeş is working as a designer in Lug Von Siga.

After graduation, Seyhan Deniz Reis founded the clothing and accessory company Aynizm which expresses the cultural identity of the city of Izmir city through design. Currently she is working with her own team who execute design, research & development and provide online shopping. Currently, she is continuing her education with a master’s degree in the Design Studies Program at the Fine Arts and Design Faculty of Izmir University of Economics.

Yeliz Cengiz graduated in 2012 and opened a fashion house where she creates Haute Couture designs under her own name. In her atelier she is preparing both day wear and evening gowns, and she regularly takes place in fashion activities with her creations. 

For the continuation of success stories of our graduate students, you can visit our website at: https://mezun.ieu.edu.tr

An eight week compulsory internship is required by all students during their studies. Students are responsible for finding their individual internship place. However, companies often demand interns from the university. This issue is followed by the related departments and lecturers at the university. You can visit our website at https://kariyer.ieu.edu.tr for more detailed information.


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