Department of Textile and Fashion Design


Department of Textile and Fashion Design Internship Committee Members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şölen KİPÖZ (Chair) 


Asst. Prof. F. Dilek HİMAM ER


Lecturer Angela BURNS 



It is compulsory to complete internship for a total of 40 working days (20+20) before graduating from the Textile and Fashion Design Department of Fine Arts and Design Faculty. Internships must be done in the end of 2nd and 3rd years, in two different institutions which are related with the fashion industry as factories, manufacturers, fashion companies, design offices. 

Internship must be carried out and documented in accordance with the rules as stated in Izmir University of Economics Internship Manuel.

Concerning internships, students can get information and documents from the links below:


Internship Information



Internship Guide



Internship Questions



Department of Textile and Fashion Design Requirements

As well as documenting your internship experience in accordance with the rules as stated in Izmir University of Economics Internship Manuel, students of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design are asked to prepare a visual diary of their experience.

Throughout your internship, ensure to keep a comprehensive record of the duties you were assigned and the work undertaken on each specific day.  Make a chronological day-by-day diary of your internship experience.  On completion of the internship, present these findings as a comprehensive week-by-week journal in your internship report (as part of Q5).  Each week should be comprised of a 200 word written explanation (at least) accompanied with a minimum of 5 visuals such as photographs, sketches, photocopies, fabric swatches, trims, spreadsheets, etc. which should be carefully integrated and properly captioned explaining the various tasks undertaken within the week. Clearly indicate the week number the dates for each week of internship.

Please refer to the university guide report writing plan and rules. The final report must be presented in an A4 presentation folder or other appropriate designed format fitting with your internship experience (e.g. magazine layout).  Internship reports will not be accepted if submitted in a plastic sleeve.

Please ensure that Intern Evaluation Forms are submitted in a sealed and stamped/signed envelope.





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